mudiro: the medical training project

Setting up this medical training project has been the work of many years. It is a challenge and a pleasure to accompany physicians on their journey through Namibia, to facilitate sustainable exchange of knowledge and to enable help on-site.

For us, providing medical help means that doctors from Switzerland do voluntary work assignments in Rundo, Nyangana, Andara and Nankudu. They not only convey their medical expertise but also enter new, unfamiliar territory and thus gain countless new impressions from Namibia to take back home with them. 

Mudiro’s approach greatly differs from other aid organizations. As a medical training facilitator we focus on providing specific knowledge and skills in the region. We are close to the patients and the local community, we continuously learn from our experiences as we build towards future successes, and we regularly evaluate and adapt the effectiveness of our work.

In Shimbukushu, the local language, Mudiro means fire. It symbolizes the „fire“, the enthusiasm and passion with which we at Mudiro provide effective support in Namibia. We invite you to explore our history, vision and current projects, and introduce you to ways you can make a difference.

Barbara Müller


Want to support our project with a small donation? Or would you like some more Information about Project Mudiro? Do not hesitate to contact us. We appreciate and value any interest!

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