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From Kurt Zbinden Together with the medical field team of July 2017, four “builders” also took the trip to northern Namibia, with the aim of building three Kindergartens during the five weeks of our stay. An ambitious goal considering the technical possibilities available for building in this area of Namibia. But first things first. May...
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From Stephanie Amrein und Manuela Beyeler After a long journey we arrived in Andara with 109kg of luggage. Our Namibia adventure could finally begin. With a good bottle of wine and a delicious dinner we were warmly welcomed by the rest of the team. Because we were only there for two weeks, we wanted to get...
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Experience report We were the first physiotherapists with Mudiro that worked in Namibia and were quite anxious about the experience that awaits us. Our task was, on the one hand, in Rundu to exchange knowledge and experience with existing physiotherapists and on the other hand, to initiate and set in motion the creation of a...
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