A “little” story of and about Mudiro in October 2017

By Bea Rudolph

As everyone knows we, doctors, nurses, dentists, specialists of all kinds, work with a certain “Africa- feeling”. Now, our accommodation is simple, we buy our food and prepare our meals. Some in the doctors’ house in Andara, others in an apartment in Rundu and others again in a mission house in Nyangana. In Nyangana, there is only one plug socket which is used for the only working fridge. If one wants to cook, they have to carry the cooker from the kitchen to the socket in the living room, unplug the fridge and plug the “cooker” in, though the mobile phone can then be charged too. However, one should plan in preparation of cooking what exactly they want to cook, as there is only one cooker and this one socket available. Also, it shouldn’t take too long, otherwise the fridge will warm up.

You see, life is significantly different to Switzerland. At which I can note that I the end I found another socket very high up in the kitchen, where you could cook hot water to accelerate the cooking process at the fridge! 😉

The bathroom was relatively well equipped if you like a sputtering shower. The water came out of the shower as a spray and couldn’t be turned off, at some point it just stopped spraying. Sleeping worked out quite well if you knew to appreciate the nightly cooling to 36C. At 05.45 in the morning the church bells rang to the morning service.

Therefore, I knew to appreciate to be able to accompany our project manager Barbara to the Risk Africa regatta in Capetown, Southafrica. We followed the invitation of Andy Mark, the editor of the Landrover magazine Africa.

We flew from Rundu to Windhoek (with a one hour delay as the breaks of the plane in Rundu had to cool off from 42C), from there to Capetown. Here we were accommodated at a nice Hotel and invited to a cocktail party at the Royal Cape Yacht Club. Oops… wasn’t there something missing?

Of course, us “girls” came from the “bush”, casual and simple clothing, sandals, no outfit for a cocktail party, what now? We had to go shopping, yes really…. Advised by a local shop assistant, we plunged into a mall and tried to get a make-over in other words to adjust to the desired dress code.

After hours, at least in a moderate climate (24/25C), we got what we needed and went to the yacht club. Wow, what an experience, we were greeted as friends, had good conversations and were invited on the biggest south African catamaran, the Mirage, as VIPs and observers of the Regatta the next day. I can only say: what an experience! It was incredible, like a dream: great weather, good wind, good aperitifs and very good conversations, great interest in the project Mudiro, serious interest in our work. In addition, we had the unique possibility of witnessing the race. Four jets were doing stunts in the sky in honour of the Regatta and we were able to admire the winner, the Purple Hollard Crew.

In the evening, a “relaxed” interview with Barbara was served between starters and main course. Here, she was able to talk about Mudiro and display the reasons why such a project is important and will be of long duration, with the chairman of the event, Andy Mark.

To sum up, besides Andara, Nyangana, Rundu and in addition a “container village” in Andara, which took shape from beginning to end of October 2017, Barbara was able to make Mudiro better known, to inform and inspire interested parties and sponsors to support such a project, which doesn’t just watch but acts. All of that from a beautiful sailing regatta in Cape Town.

One can only say… success!

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