For residents in the North of Namibia, a job is necessary for life and helps maintain the existence of the family. Often it is unfortunately so that work is not available, especially for mothers who cannot pursue any opportunity because of the many young children who would then be left at home without care. By building local kindergartens, we make it possible that the children of working parents between ages 2-5 years are under supervision during work time.

The initiative for the kindergarten project was set in motion with the assistance of Stefanie Perren, who came in her capacity as an EMT with Project Mudiro to Namibia, in June 2016. The nurseries are currently exclusively for the children of hospital employees and are to be built at locations identified by Mudiro.

The construction of kindergartens is carried out with the assistance of the local villagers. The kindergartens are built from the ground up or suitable existing buildings are renovated and brought up to standard. Even the children themselves help enthusiastically, amongst other things they help to paint the barren walls with the care givers diligently creating a child-friendly environment.

Children are not only maintained, but also already pre-schooling is provided. It means a great deal to us to allow even the smallest head start for a good life and to steer them in a direction with perspective. The kindergarten is a welcome change in respect of the serious and hard life in the Bush is welcomed by the parents of these children.